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The Benefits of Hydro-jetting Your Drains

water drainage pipe
It isn’t uncommon for pipes to be exposed to soap scum, grime, food particles, grease, hair and many other materials that build up and fester as they clog the space. When you notice a reduction in water flow or an unpleasant odor from your pipes, a Roto-Rooter plumber may suggest the powerful and effective method of hydro-jetting for clearing the blockage. The benefits of hydro-jetting your drains are practical and cost-effective.

Safer for Pipes and Strong Enough for Clogs

This method presents very little potential for damage to your existing drains. Other methods, such as the use of a drain snake, can leave cracks in your pipes. Chemical treatments for clogs can lead to weakened PVC pipes. Hydro-jetting eliminates the need for drain snakes and potentially harmful chemicals.
Our plumbers in Escondido choose hydro-jetting for drain cleaning because the force of water is powerful enough to clear away nearly any clog. After assessing your water flow, our plumber may determine that this safe method of treatment is a great option. The powerful spray of scalding water is strong enough to handle grease buildup, tangled hair, tree roots and large amounts of food. The intense force used to shoot the water through the pipes is enough to tackle large clogs completely and to reach the smallest spots, leaving your drain system clean and clear.

Happy Customers in Escondido, San Marcos and Surrounding Areas

Other sewer-cleaning methods may leave behind bits of residue that can regroup and build up again, but the use of hydro-jetting technology leaves you with thorough, long-lasting results. Contact Roto-Rooter in Escondido at 760-745-6599 today to eliminate the dangers lurking in your drains.