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What's Causing That Smell? Four Plumbing Problems That Could Be to Blame

dirty drains
Clogs, dirty drains, and bad plumbing can cause foul odors to waft through your house. Figuring out the reason for the problem takes a little detective work. The fix might simple or you may need to call a plumber for help. Follow your nose to the source of the odor to see if one of these causes is to blame.
Bacteria Are In The Hot Water Heater
Bacteria in the hot water heater can give your water the odor of rotten eggs. You'll notice the foul smell when you wash your hands or take a shower. Turn on the cold water first and wait a couple of minutes for the odor to hit your nose.
Then, turn on the hot water and wait to see if you notice any smell. If the cold water seems fine but the hot water smells like rotting eggs, there's a good chance your hot water heater is to blame. You may want to try a quick flush on your water heater, but it's likely you'll have to call a plumber to service the tank and possibly put in a new anode rod.
Water In The Sink Trap Has Evaporated
If your nose leads you to a guest bathroom that hasn't been used in several weeks, the trap under the sink may be to blame for the bad odor. Your toilets and all the sinks in your home have traps that hold a certain amount of water on top of the drains to hold back the smell of sewer gas.
If you don't use a sink for a long time, the water can evaporate out of the trap and allow sewer odors to float out of the drain. This problem has an easy cure. Just run water from the faucet to flush the drain. The trap fills up again and your odor is gone.
The Kitchen Drain Is Coated With Slime
Foul-smelling kitchen drains are common because of the organic matter that slides down them. Soap scum, grease, and scale coat the sides of your drains creating a gummy slime that catches bits of food you rinse down the drain.
Bacteria begin to grow and contribute their own stench to the problem. The odor wafting from your kitchen drains could smell like something spoiled or rotten. Try cleaning the drain with vinegar and baking soda.
Pour some soda down the drain and then pour the vinegar on top. The fizzy chemical reaction helps clean off the odoriferous slime. You may need to repeat this procedure several times over a few days to get the drain clean.
Another solution for cleaning the top portion of the drain is to take apart the trap under your kitchen sink and clean it thoroughly with a bottle brush to get rid of the slime buildup.
The Sewer Drain Is Leaking
If the odor is worse outside than inside, there could be a problem with your sewer line. Even though it's under the ground and protected, it can still be cracked by tree roots. Tree roots can travel from your neighbor's yard and infest your sewer line, so you can't rule out a root problem just because there is no tree nearby.
A broken sewer line is a problem that needs fixing as soon as possible. Gas may be escaping now, but it could soon be sewer consents that spill into your yard. A plumber has different methods available to repair a cracked sewer line. Sewer repair might involve digging up and replacing the broken line, cleaning out the drain, or repairing the cracks.
If you can't pinpoint the reason for the foul drain or sewer odor that keeps drifting through your house, give Roto-Rooter a call. Drain cleaning or plumbing repairs may be the solution to a fresh and clean smelling house again.