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Sewer Repair

Trusted Sewer Repair Contractor in Escondido

If you’ve noticed your sewer backing up, you may need sewer repair service or cleaning in order to restore your system to working order. Roto-Rooter can assist residents of Escondido, Poway, San Marcos and neighboring cities and towns in repairing or replacing your broken or clogged sewer lines, and can conduct a complete cleanout if necessary. Our highly trained plumbing experts can utilize an array of effective tools like an auger or snake, as well as techniques like hydrojetting to ensure your system returns to working order.

Why You May Need Our Help

in Poway or San Marcos

Sewer Backups are Stressful
There are a variety of reasons pipes and sewer blockages happen, and while some are easier to spot or unclog than others, all should be dealt with efficiently in order to ensure that no further damage occurs. The most common problems that require repair include:
  • Tree roots – A common cause of backups, tree roots have a tendency to enter a pipe at its joints and then intrude, causing broken pipes or structural defects along the way.
  • Objects clogging a household drain – Grease, dirt, hair or any number of other inanimate objects can create a blockage between your home and the city main, and drain cleaning isn’t always effective.
  • Structural issues and defects – Structural issues like holes, cracks or sags are among the most damaging to your pipes, and the leading causes of a sewage backups.

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    If your plumbing issues go beyond a clogged drain and you need assistance with pipe locating or need a complete sewer cleanout, contact our highly trained team here at Roto-Rooter by calling (760) 745-6599 and nip your issue in the bud before it becomes an even more costly problem.

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