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Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Escondido

Slab leak detection requires a bit more finesse than simply dismantling your property to see if there is even a leak to begin with. Only trust the professionals at Roto-Rooter in Escondido to see if your house or business could benefit from a slab leak repair. If there is a leak, there are various ways the issue can be addressed that involve direct access. Our plumber can remedy the situation with tunneling or a slab penetration. An epoxy restoration is highly effective at treating small leaks by applying an epoxy pipe coating to the interior of the plumbing. Spot repair targets the exact point of the leak and is incredibly cost-effective. A total repiping might be necessary if the entire system is leaking, but you can also see about just getting a pipe rerouted. 

Signs of a Problem

slab leak
There are numerous symptoms you should watch out for if you believe you have a slab leak. Cracks in the floor or walls could indicate an issue with the plumbing. An excessive amount of moisture or mildew could also point to a leak in the pipes. If the water is turned off but there is still the sound of running water, then your piping system will need to be checked out. One symptom you are definitely going to notice is a sharp increase in your water bills. Any of these problems are a good enough reason to bring in a professional.

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In order to ensure that your piping system is completely repaired, call us at 760-745-6599 to see how you could benefit from our assistance. We have been helping the residents of Escondido, Poway and San Marcos for years, so we definitely know how to help. Contact us today!

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