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Water Heater Replacement & Repairs in and around Escondido

Your water heater may not be something that’s regularly at the forefront of your mind, but when it busts or malfunctions, you suddenly have a very serious problem on your hands. Not only are you no longer able to start your day with a long, hot shower, but you’re also unable to adequately clean dishes or clothes, putting you and your family at a higher risk of illness. When residents of Escondido need water heater repair, installation or replacement, they call Roto-Rooter, the region’s leading plumbing experts since 1984. Our highly trained professionals are extremely well versed in all aspects of gas, electric and tankless water heaters. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure yours either returns to working order or is appropriately replaced.

Common Problems That Require Maintenance

water heater
Your water heater works hard, and like most major appliances, it will eventually need to be replaced. Most manufacturers recommend swapping yours out for a new one every 8 to 12 years to avoid problems such as leaks and worn-out seals. It may also have to be serviced or replaced if its heating components wear out or if you notice strange noises coming from it, which sometimes indicates the presence of sediment. This is particularly likely if you live in an area that is prone to hard water. Our experienced plumbing professionals can assess your specific problem and recommend whether fixing the device or replacing it entirely is advised. While purchasing a new heater can be a drag, many of today’s high-efficiency models may reduce heating costs substantially, resulting in considerable savings in the long run.

Contact Roto-Rooter for Service or Installation near the Poway and San Marcos Areas

Don’t begin another day with a freezing cold shower. Whether your existing model just needs a little TLC or you need an entirely new device, our qualified professionals will get you up and running again in no time. Call Roto-Rooter today at 760-745-6599 to schedule an appointment in the Escondido, San Marcos or Poway areas.

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